Gitksan Housing Policies

Housing Policy Development - community engagement sessions underway

In the comprehensive community planning process, better understanding of the housing application and selection process was asked for in the 4 communities that GGC works with. GGC,working in partnership with the 4 communities to host a Housing Forum, and has established a Gitksan Housing Working Group with housing coordinators and Council members on the Working Group.

Recently the Working Group and band administrations have participated in a CMHC Community Housing Policy workshop and have now formally begun working with the communities to update and develop a core Gitksan housing policy. The housing policy will have four main sections:

  1. social housing (subsidized housing)
  2. band rent to own homes
  3. privatley owned homes (mostly Section 10)
  4. renovation policy for existing homes.

The first focus on social housing policy has begun with community education sessions being held last March and the first dialogue sessions regarding social or subsidized housing were just completed in mid April. If you are interested in more information - please call our Office or your band office for more information. 

Today the Gitksan Housing Working group is reviewing the first draft of the social housing policy: topics include a new application process, using a scoring system for new tenants (possibly a survey tool also); landlord and tenancy responsibilities, rent collection, rental arrears, evictions, and possilble home ownership. 

The community engagement sessions are completed and the GGC has approved the housing policy! Many thanks to all that have particpated and shared their ideas and wishes. Haa miya 

check out the Housing section of this website for more information.  


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