CMHC RRAP Applications Now Open!

Reminder 2015-2016 RRAP Applications

As a reminder, CMHC has sent out the call letter for 2015-2016 RRAP applications.  The due date for submitting applications is approaching and all applications will need to be submitted to your Band Office by 08 May for review.  Each Band is allowed six applications and these will be submitted to CMHC on a first come first serve basis.  The maximum loan amount that CMHC provides is $19,000.00.  If your renovations are expected to be more than this amount, your application will be subject to your Band’s approval process.  For all applications, a Band Council Resolution (BCR) is required to proceed.

The CMHC RRAP program is for health and safety related renovations and not intended for cosmetic repairs to improve the appearance of the home.  If you are seeking cosmetic repairs, CMHC will not approve your application.  The types of repairs that are eligible include the following.

  • Heating
  • Structural
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Fire Safety
  • Overcrowding

For the 2015-2016 program year, the household income limit is $45,000.  The 2015 gross (before tax is deducted) income of the primary occupant and their spouse is used to determine eligibility.  Please refer to the attached Applicant’s Guide, Program Information and Frequently Asked Questions for additional information.  In order to be eligible, your home can not have had previous RRAP funding within 15 years.

Attached are 10 documents for the RRAP application kit including the following.

01 - Program Information

02 - Frequently Asked Questions REVISED

03 - Submission Checklist

04 - First Nation Owned Application

05 -  Occupant Owned Application

06 - Sample Wording BCR

07 - Declaration - Housing Condition and Additional Financing

08 - Medical Form

09 - Confirmation of Disability

10 - Liability waiver


When completing your application, you will need to complete form 05 – Occupant Owned Application and form 10 – Liability Waiver.  If you are applying for RRAP – Disability, you will need to also have a medical professional complete one of the following two forms, form 08 – Medical Form or 09 – Confirmation of Disability and should see your doctor or the health nurse. 

For Occupant Owned applications, you will need proof of your Certificate of Possession (CP) and income. 

When filling out form 05 -  Occupant Owned Application, complete Sections 1 and 2 on Page 1, which is the basic information about you and your house.  On Page 2 you will need to fill in the Adjusted Income Worksheet, Source of Income for the Principal Occupant and Spouse or Partner.  This is for the various forms of income that you receive.  Page 3 is the second part to the Adjusted Income Worksheet, Deductions, which may bring your total income from all sources down.  Page 4 is where you sign and date your application.

When completing Section 4 of the Application, Types of Repairs (Modifications) Required, which is on Page 3, you will need to describe the types of repairs that are needed for your house and why it needs to be repaired or replaced.  Do not state plumbing or structural.  CMHC will need to see what part of the structure or plumbing needs to be repaired and why.  You need to explain so that they understand what the need for the repair is and how it relates to health and safety.

For example:

1. The inside stairs need to be replaced because they are too steep and there is no hand rail for safety.

2. The basement windows do not fit properly and there is a lot of heat loss.

3. The ventilation in the bathroom is not adequate causing mildew and mould, Also, I have mobility issues and need a higher toilet seat for improved access.

If you have any questions and would like assistance with your application, please contact your Housing Department or Band Office.

Dennis Sterritt, Housing / Capital

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