Here is GGC's 2014 2015 financial audit.

It is 14 pages long.

GGC 2014 2015 audit (in full): or you can view by page:  

GGC audit page 3:

GGC Audit page 4:


GGC audit Page 5:

GGC Audit page 6:


GGC Audit page 11:


GGC Audit Page 12:


GGC Audit Page 14: last page

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Audits 2014 2015

The Audits from the Gitanyow, Glen Vowell, Kispiox and Gitanmaax band administrations. 

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Gitanyow 2013 2014 Audit

Here is the audit for Gitanyow Band, for the 2013 2014 fiscal year. 

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Gitanmaax Band Audit 2013 2014

Here is the Gitanmaax Band Audit for 2013 2014. 

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Glen Vowell Band Audit 2013 2014

Here is the audit for Glen Vowell or Sik-e-dakh Band Council for 2013 2014 fiscal year. 

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Kispiox Band Audit 2013 2014

Here is the audit for Kispiox Band, fiscal year 2013 2014. 

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GGC Audits

Here is the 2015/2016 Audited Financial Statements as of March 31, 2016

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INAC Engagement re Education on Reserve

Let's Talk on-Reserve Education. First Nations children deserve the best start in life which is why the Government of Canada is committeed to working

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Community Safety Planning is Done!

ama sa, the community safety planning project with Public Safety Canada is now done! 

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