Economic Opportunities

GGC supports the four communities in implementing their annual economic development projects of their 5 year plan.

There have been a number of successes to date. Gitanyow Band has partnered with Gitanyow Hereditary Chiefs to develop a joint venture, Meziadin Holdings Ltd. This partnership created a 'man camp' at Meziadin and employs a number of local people. This project links up with the NW Transmission Line. Last September the gas bar at Meziadin has reopened too & its stunning! See Below: 



Gitanmaax Market is another project that links up to the community planning work and the need for more sustainable local jobs. Gitanmaax Band has also assumed management of the Ksan Historical Museum and continue to operate the Ksan Campground and the movie theatre. Glen Vowell has a community garden and are exploring a green house and cellar for their community. 


Community gardens, setting up economic development insitutions & job readiness are some of the other projects on the go.


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Aboriginal Tourism BC

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INAC Engagement re Education on Reserve

Let's Talk on-Reserve Education. First Nations children deserve the best start in life which is why the Government of Canada is committeed to working

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