Major Land Projects


Currently the Lands Officer, the Manager of Technical Services (GGC), INAC and Band personnel are engaged in a number of Additions to Reserve projects in 2 communities (Gitanmaax and Gitwangak). These Addition to Reserve projects encompass up to 45 parcels of land.

Other projects include Section 35 expropriations and development of designated lands.

Land Use Planning

Glen Vowell has completed their land use planning for the community. Glen Vowell is now moving in to implementation. Gitanmaax is currently engaged in land use planning for their community. Gitanmaax is working with Golder Associates and are near a first draft of their land use plan in spring of 2015. 

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INAC Engagement re Education on Reserve

Let's Talk on-Reserve Education. First Nations children deserve the best start in life which is why the Government of Canada is committeed to working

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Community Safety Planning is Done!

ama sa, the community safety planning project with Public Safety Canada is now done! 

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