Indian Registry Program (Band Membership)

Heather Barnes, administers the Indian Registry Program on behalf of INAC for two Bands - Glen Vowell, Gitanyow and two Independent Bands; Hagwilget Village and Gitsegukla. Gitwangak as an independent Band provides its membership services on its own.

Gitanmaax and Kispiox administer their IRS programs from their local Band offices, with back up and advisory services from the GGC Office.

We ensure that the Indian Registry/membership lists are kept current and up-to-date by recording events and changes for births, deaths, marriages, divorces, transfers, name changes, adoptions and issuance of Certificate of Indian Status Cards; maintains current band membership and on reserve population statistics. And provides liaison services for INAC Lands and Trusts Services, Indian Registry, Estates and Band Governance. 


INAC will have two formats of the new Secure Certificate of Indian Status. All SCIS applications will be received at a receiving office (see below) and will be processed by mail to a card printing center and issued by INAC only. 

The In-Canada Format SCIS applications will be received at:

  • INAC Offices (picture taken)
  • Designated Service Canada Offices (client must provide passport photo)
  • Designated First Nation /Band Offices (picture taken) who have trained Indian Registry Administrators as SCIS receiving officers.

INAC and Service Canada Implementation BC Region tentatively starting 2012.
Designated FN/Band Office Implementation BC Region tentatively by December 2012.

For more details about the new Secure Indian Status card, click here.  

All First time SCIS applicants will require BOTH their original birth certificate and VALID picture ID to apply for both formats of a new card. Applications AGE 15 & UNDER will require original birth certificates that state parents' name and parents must have VALID picture ID.  


Indian Registry Program

Indian registry program summary and wills and estates information

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Certificate of Indian Status

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Membership Statistics

Statistics summary of Gitksan and local Band populations as of Dec 31, 2015 and Dec 31, 2014. 

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