Digital Storytelling

Digital Storytelling 

A number of digital stories were made with youth, elders and speakers about different aspects of community safety and or Gitksan Wellness.  We are learning that there are many ways to share ideas and even fun ways like storytelling by making a short video. 

Here are the stories that were created!

Gitanyow - in partnership with Gitksan Health, a Take Back the Night walk was held to promote safe roads and don't drink and drive. Here's their digital story:

Take Back the Night from the Gitanyow Safety Team.

 How cool is that? powerful words and ideas shared by young voices in the community & area. Haa miya for sharing! 

And from Glen Vowell:

Video made by Art Sampson, Community Safety Facilitator. haa miya Art for the short story! 

From the Gitxsan Elders, we held a session to explore the idea of wellness and what it means. The best people to talk to are the Elders, chiefs and matriarchs so a Wii Axho'osxwit event was pulled together to learn and share the concepts around wellness. The event was rescheduled from early February to March with all the losses. A lot of people could not make it however there was still about 50 who did come out and share their widsom and teachings in a unique way. Here is a fun way to share ideas using Wii gyat, the trickster (not the Gitksan House Group) to guide the discussions throughout the day.

Much heartfelt thanks to all who participiated in this event. It was asked that we do this again with the youth in attendance! Somehow we have to make that happen. 

Wii Axho'osxwit Elders Gathering, March 8, 2015 Gitanmaax Hall Gitksan Community Safety Planning Event.

At the Get Connected Gitksan Career Fair - we were showcasing the photo voice project and asking peoples thoughts on "I feel when I..." and here is the digital story about what was said. Using a simple app likwe Flipagram is an easy and quick method to share a short digital story. 


A number of digital stories were created and we hope to showcase them at the Tritown Theatre again, hopefully you get to see them on the big screen! 

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