Gitxsan Wellness Film Festival 2017

GGC, the wrap around crew and local team members hosted the film festival...haa miya to Kali Skalan, Gary Patsey, Melanie Angus, Bonita Danes, Janet Melanson, Sandra Harris, Jess Lenihan, Kym Guno Good and the film makers for sharing their stories.

Our Filmfest Poster, thank you Jess, a practicuum student from Sparc BC for all your help! 

The first film nights were held Feb 28 and March 1, 2017 at the Tri Town Theatre in Gitanmaax. Over 2 nights we had about 100 people of all ages attend. I was expecting to see the old reel machine for the films, now its like an external drive with the movies on it. We had an engaging evening sharing the 8 films selected. 

Ama yuxwsa, good evening!
Welcome to our first ever Gitxsan film festival being held at the Tritown Theatre in Gitanmaax! On behalf of our committee we would like to thank all the organizers, leadership and you for coming to this event. Our focus this year is on “Expressions of Daxgyet”, the strength of spirit and songs of our people. In the spirit of storytelling over the winter months, we have a
handful of short stories to share with you from local film makers in our area. We are blessed to have so many locals to share their talent and passions on the big screen. And tomorrow night is the sharing of Gitxsan Foods, there are vendors set up at the Anglican Church Hall at 5 to try out some local foods.

Evening Program: 

Gitxsan Wellness FilmFest 2017! 

The films we shared are below: 

  1. Gitxsan Wellness video, found at:   10 mins
  2. Peoples of the Skeena at the National Film Board (free online or can be rented from Hazelton Library) 14 mins
  3. We Matter Campaign: Angela Sterritt, CBC Journalist, Gitanmaax Gitxsan member
  4. Walk a Mile in Her Shoes, VIR and the MMIW Candlelight Vigil: short draft video  5 mins
  5. Lands Base Learning; Local Action Team, GUAJ,     Senden Farm 10 mins
  6. Gitxsan Spirit Goat 45 secs
  7. Youth on Water (YOW); Skeena Watershed Coalition  10 mins
  8. GGC and JIBC; AFOT Gitksan Aboriginal Trauma Training Digital Story 5 mins 
  9. Dim Wila Dil dils'm: The Way We Live; Ruby Morgan (not for online viewing yet) 12 mins  

The same films were shared in Gitanyow on March 30th with the addition of the Gitanyow Gitwangak Dance Group: 

In Glen Vowell, we cohosted an Elders Luncheon and Gary Patsey spoke to the importance of Daxgyet and what it means today. And an evening Session was held in Kispiox March 31st! What a tour we were on! It was so good to hear people's experiences and their feedback on the event. Many people wanted more, to host a filmfest every 3 months and to host in each community. So we are working on it.

Our Film Festival program has more information about each film: its about 15 pages long. 

Well done everyone in sharing their stories and participating in such a fun event. It was inspiring to see the films on the big screen. 

And a big shout out to the many hands that made this happen! 

  • Nikateen, Frances Sampson and Deputy Chief Councillor, Veornica Green
  • MC's Melanie Angus (both nights) and Larry Skulsh Jr (first night) 
  • Gitanmaax TriTown Theatre staff and supports
  • SPARC BC  ~ Scott Graham and Jess Lenihan (Input over the year/s and Posters and Programs). 
  • Gitxsan foods at Anglican Church Hall:  Lavender McDonald, Florence Mowatt and Mary, Sandra Mowatt, Freda Lattie, Charlene Mowatt, Judy Eaton, Drew and Aidan Harris, Calvin Skulsh --- the food and drinks were delicious! 
  • Gitxsan Wellness Video participants Gary Patsey, Art Sampson and Mark Starlund
  • GGC’s member Bands for their contribution to the Visions of the future via CCP mtgs over the past 5 – 7 years.
  • Skeena Watershed Coalition ~ Youth On Water
  • StoryTellers & Senden Farms/GUAJ ~ Land Based Video & Walk A Mile in Her Shoes event photo’s
  • Gitsgukla Health ~ Dim Wila Dil dils’m – The Way We Live Video. 
  • Angela Sterritt ~ permission to share her ‘We Matter Campaign’ video
  • Public Safety Canada ~ Gitxsan Wrap Around Program, without their funding this would not have been possible. 
  • Film Festival Planning group ~ Gary Patsey, Melanie Angus, Linda Matthews, Art Sampson, Benjamin Laurie, Judy Wesley, Sandra Harris, Kym Guno Good, Janet Melanson, Bonita Danes
  • A.F.O.T ~ GGC and JIBC for sharing their joy and happiness through song and Slide Show presentation 
  • Walk a Mile in Her Shoes & MMW: GHS, StoryTellers VIR Committee, Wanda Good, John Olson  
  • K’san Performing Arts Group
  • Judy Wesley, for sharing her Personal Healing Song 
  • Door Prize Donations: GGC & Sandra Harris
  • Norman McLean – use of his Sound System
  • all the cooks and community organzers, Arlene Morrison, Lisa Weget, Melanie Stevens, Merci Harris, Loretta Morgan and many others. 

& The Youth that helped take down the Posters and such.  thank you all, you are amazing! 

haa miya, haa mi'ya 

Sandra, Bonita and Janet 

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