Working together to create healthy,

sustainable and prosperous communities.

The Gitksan Government Commission (GGC) includes four First Nation/Band Councils, Gitanyow, Gitanmaax, Glen Vowell and Kispiox and are mainly funded by AANDC. GGC is a not-for-profit society structured to provide administrative support, technical and advisory services to the local Band administration and Councils. Our services include assistance with budgeting, program delivery, meeting financial and reporting requirements and working together to create a better life in the Gitksan communities. We are like a Gitksan Regional District Office. 

Our services are similar to a regional district office and working in collaboration with the four Bands, work on a number of priority issues, such as

  • protecting and promoting existing benefits and programs,
  • maximizing existing jurisdictional arrangements and
  • working towards stronger and more effective community based services in each community and within the larger Upper Skeena Region. 


 The GGC vision statement is:

 "Working together to create healthy, sustainable and prosperous communities".


Our Website:

The website layout follows the main service areas we provide specific to the four Bands/communities.

The Vision and main goals of each of the main program areas are identifed under each heading. The main Heading/Sections of the Website are as follows:

  • About Us: includes a summary of who GGC is, what we do and our location. There is brief summary of the GGC Board of Directrors and a staff directory is provided.
  • Economic Opportunities: supports the bands develop their economic development corporations, community economic development strategies and plans.
  • Lifelong Learning: advisory services outline, history of GWES, provides background information of Coast Mountain School District #82 and provides a brief summary of other First Nation Initatives in BC and nationally.
  • Community Based Lands: provides services to mostly Gitanmaax band members regarding certificates of possession, wills and estates and additions to reserve support 
  • Membership: this service is directly for Band members to update, apply or renew their Indian Status Cards for Gitanyow, Gitsegukla, Hagwilget & Glen Vowell. Status Cards may be issued for other Bands for a small fee
  • Safe Communities: planning for capital projects such as roads, new buildings, water and sewer treatment and assists with updating the Band's emergency plans; community safety planning 
  • Social Supports: advisory support services to Band Administration and Band Social Development Workers antipovery strategy, family violence and training and employment supports  
  • Housing: is a RRAP agent and is updating the Bands' housing inventory, assists with CMHC RRAP applications, helps the Bands with determining investments in to renovations and new builds.
  • Finance and Administration: assists Band Administration with audit preparation, budgeting, identifies reporting requirements and adminstrative supports for hiring new Band Managers; and a backgrounder on the Gitksan comprehensive community planning 

Each section provides an overview of the program mandates and any relevant links or resources that may be helpful to the topic.



Our History:

The Gitksan people supported the development of the GGC so the then established Gitksan Carrier Tribal Council could concentrate on the land claims title action to ensure support and services continued with the member Bands. The DIAND regional office closed and the services were taken over by the Gitksan Wet'suwet'en peoples, way long time ago! 

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