Indian Registry Program


To register a child on INAC's Indian Registry Program and your First Nation/Band membership, parent(s) must submit:

  1. A signed parental consent form for registration 
  2. The original child's birth certificate that states the names of the child's parent(s).

(Note to determine child’s correct entitlement under Indian Act, is very important that BOTH parents are on birth document IF they are both registered Indians.)

Documents should be sent to the Indian Registry Administrator for the First Nation that child is to be registered under. The child must be registered to be eligible for non-insured health benefits. 



Heather Barnes or Elizabeth Harris, Indian Registry Administrators
Gitksan Government Commission (located at 4125 River Road)
P.O. Box 335
Hazelton, B.C. V0J 1Y0
Telephone: (250)842-2248 Ext. 29 Fax: (250) 842-6299
Toll Free: 1-800-650-5518

At GGC: (Registry services NOT available on MONDAYS - Heather Barnes is in Gitwangak on most Mondays to provide membership services for Gitwangak Band); two Wednesday afternoons per month Heather Barnes is in either Gitsegukla or Gitanyow - please call to check if Heather is available before you drop in - thank you!

For GITANMAAX BAND: Monica Green, Indian Registry Administrator
Gitanmaax Band
P.O. Box 440
Hazelton, B.C. V0J 1Y0
Telephone: (250) 842-5297 Fax: (250) 842-6364
Toll Free: 1-800-663-4590

FOR KISPIOX BAND: Sandi Reviakin, Indian Registry Administrator 
Kispiox Band
1336 Kispiox Valley Road
Kispiox, B.C. V0J 1Y4
Telephone: (250) 842-5248 Fax: (250) 842-5604
Toll Free: 1-877-842-5911 

For Gitwangak Band contact 1.250.842.5591 for more information.


INAC Wills and Estates Workshop - local sessions throughout the Hazeltons are held often. Please check back for the next session. 

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