Technical Services

Technical Services Team

The Technical Services department of the Gitksan Government Commission is located at 1525B Hankin Street, in the same building as the Gitxsan Unlocking Aboriginal Justice program.  The Staff consists of Josh Wilson, Dennis Sterrit along with support from Diane McRae and Elizabeth Harris, Financial Resources. Jeremie Beaudoin was on board to help assist the GGC and the member bands, he helped the communities with the following tasks:

  • review fire department assessments and update
  • assist the 4 fire departments with recruitment and retention, cross training & coordinate training 
  • review follow up and update the 4 community safety plans
  • emergency response planning. 

We would like to thank Jeremie for his support and hard work to help in this important area of our communities.  

Our office keeps a copy of all records for each project including as-constructed drawings and all technical reports. A library of Operation and Maintenance manuals for each Band is also maintained, along with technical publications, manuals, and magazines. Library information, reports and drawing are available to Band Offices and membership for information and planning purposes.

The technical services also has survey equipment, flow measuring device, portable multi-gas monitors for confined space entry, water testing equipment, print machine (blueprints), M-scope leak detector, pipe laser, magnetic locator (pin finder), Arctic Blaster - water line thawing device, that are available to the member Bands.


The Regional District of Kitimat Stikine is planning to close the existing landfill. They will then construct a new modern facility on the same property. All contributing Bands will be asked to share costs either through capital cost sharing or increased MTSA.  A community based recycling program may be coming soon!! Let us know of your ideas on how to stop waste from getting into the landfill!  

GGC is working with the Kitimat Stikine Regional District to explore how we can minimize our waste going into the landfills. Check out the Zero Waste Challenge for your Home.


Photo: R Harris. 

Capital Projects

Providing project management support to the member bands.

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Understanding housing programs was one of the top issues identified by members in the community planning work. The Gitksan Core Housing policy has been approved by the GGC Board and is now at each Council's table for approval.  

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Economic Opportunities

At this time GGC does not have an economic development advisor to work with the 4 member bands. If you need information please call our office. 250 842 2248

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Fire Protection Services

Some information regarding fire protection services in the Gitxsan Nation, communities and Upper Skeena area. 

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Emergency Preparedness

 In case of an Your Family Prepared for an emergency? flooding, wildfires or storms?

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Education Advisor POSTING

Please see the posting for the GGC Education Advisor June 2019

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GGC Office Holiday Closure

The GGC office will be closed from noon Dec 21, 2018, to Jan 2, 2019, at 8 am. 

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