Gitxsan Wellness Film Festival 2018

On behalf of the planning committee, we are happy to share that the second annual Gitxsan Wellness Film Festival was a great success. We were only able to host one evening with 120 persons or so in attendance. 

The Learning Shop graciously hosted the Gitxsan foods and medicines event which was a huge success, we ran out of room for the vendors and guests! There was so much good food, eulachons, Bannock, salmon and lots of time to visit. A big shout out to Anissa for hosting this part of our evening. 

The short videos were also fun to take part in, almost 120 people cheered, and witnessed the amazing stories, songs and words shared. 

The short stories we are able to share online are here: ( soon to be uploaded!) 

Gitxsan Volunteer Fire Safety Video 

Elders Safety and Wellbeing: "Wii o'o'm Miin, We Love You Video 

Senden Land Based Learnings 

Youth on Water (repeat of last year) 

t'ooyaxs'm Nisim (we thank you all) for the support, help, and guidance! 

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Raising Digitally Responsible Youth: A Parent's Guide 

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Glen Vowell Band Council Nomination Meeting

Friday January 26th 2018 is the nomination meeting for the next Glen Vowell Band Council election. 

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