Community Based Education Services:

Each Band is responsible for managing the INAC education program which consists of elementary student (K-12) and post-secondary student supports. Some Bands have delegated their authority to an independent Education Society to administer the funding and offer the programs and services to band members. the Education Authorities are still responsible and accouantable to the Band Council for programs and services. Gitanmaax & Glen Vowell administer their band education programs through their Band office.

  1. Gitanyow Band: the education program and elementary school is administered by the Gitanyow Independent School Society;
  2. Kispiox Band: the education program and elementary school is administered by Anspayaxw School Society;
    1. both are funded by INAC through the GGC block agreement.

The reporting requirements are fulfilled by the Education Coordinators, approved by adminstration then sent to the Education Advisor for consolidation for final submission to INAC.

GGC Education Advisor

The GGC Education Advisor provides advice and support to the Band Education staff or to the Education Societies administering the Band education programs in the following main areas:

  • Nominal Role for elementary school enrollment (all K-12 students on reserve only); Education annual reports and submissions; negotiated a local education agreement with School District #82
  • Post Secondary support - supporting application and support to communities to ensure following Education Policy; creating a draft Gitksan Post-Secondary Education Policy
  • Post Secondary Appeals - when post secondary students do not agree with a decision regarding post secondary financial support;
  • Reports to GGC Board for AANDC education related activities that communities should be aware of

The Education Advisor position is Karmen Smith.  

GGC Education Advisor is working with GWES and the member Bands to finalize the Gitksan Education Policy for implementation with the affiliated communities.

GGC Advisor provides regular reports to the GGC Board and provides updates at the GGC Annual General Meeting reporting on the supports provided to the Bands and membership.  Karmen Smith is the GGC representative on the FNESC Strategic Action Committee - see FNESC for more information.

Coast Mountain School District #82

The local public school district, Coast Mountain #82,  has almost half of the local student population of the Gitksan communities.

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First Nations Skills and Training

A brief summary of local resources and links to First Nations education that the bands education programs may be working with.

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Glen Vowell Band Council Nomination Meeting

Friday January 26th 2018 is the nomination meeting for the next Glen Vowell Band Council election. 

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Community Safety Planning is Done!

ama sa, the community safety planning project with Public Safety Canada is now done! 

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