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Sept 11, 2013 Litigation Team Update 


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Background information re Opposition to the Gitxsan Alternative Governance Model (GAGM)

In July of 2008 the Gitxsan Treaty Society, for the first time, made public their Gitxsan Alternative Governance Model, (GAGM) which they had tabled in the treaty negotiations earlier that year. Under this model, it is proposed that Indian Reserve lands set aside under the Indian Act be eliminated. Indian Status under the Indian Act, along with all of the rights and entitlements also would be eliminated. For an understanding of the impacts of the proposed model, refer to the Analysis of the Model proposed to serve as a treaty model between the Gitxsan, Canada and BC,  Please take the time to review the materials on this site which are provided below. 

LITIGATION TEAM: the members of the litigation team include representatives of the Band councils and Hereditary Chiefs: on behalf of Gitanmaax Band: Chief Councillor Marj MCrae, Councillor Richard Wright; on behalf of Kispiox Band: Chief Councillor, Bob Barnes; on behalf of Glen Vowell Band: Chief Councillor Mamie Wesley: and on behalf of Gitwangak Band (vacant). Gitxsan Hereditary Chiefs include Spookw, Geri Mcdougall, Baskyalaxha,  Bill Blackwater Sr., Suu Dii, Yvonne Lattie, Luutkudziiwuus, Charlie Wright, Xsimwits, Lester Moore, Moolxhan, 'Noola, Norman Moore; & Gitksan Local Services Society as represented by the GGC Board of Directors (Chief Councillors Mamie Wesley, Marj Mcrae, Bob Barnes excluding Gitanyow as per Band Council Resolution).

Understanding the proposed Gitksan Alternative Governance Model (GAGM) of Gitksan Treaty Society

Gitksan Treaty Society - the GAGM model (9 pgs; 830 kb)

GTS Presentation to the Standing Senate Committee on Aboriginal People's December 8, 2009

Background Information regarding the opposition to the Gitksan GAGM (361 kb)

Analysis of the GAGM August 23, 2008 provided by Bertha Joseph, LL.B. & Cynthia Joseph, LL.B. (20 pages; 1101 kb)

Powerpoint Presentation: Gitksan Bands and the Gitxsan Gimlitxwit, September 4, 2008 (8 pgs; 227 kb)

Frequently Asked Questions (2 pgs; 280 kb)

Information Regarding the Declaration and Petition

Declaration and Petition forms (for printing and signatures) (328 kb)

GAGM Impacts - July 2013 - legal size summary 

Litigation begins: Statement of Claim

  • Judge McEwan re Spookw vx Gitxsan Treaty Society Decision 5-31  (25 pages long)


  • Newly Formatted "notice of claim" Submitted to the courts September 20, 2010 (1467 kb)
  • Fresh Amended Statement of Claim No 15150 in the Supreme Court of BC between Spookw et al. and Gitxsan Treaty Society, BC Treaty Commission, BC and the Attorney General of Canada (10 pages; 654 kb)


Litigation Team Updates and Press Releases:

Gitxsan Treaty Society: Executive Director: Gordon Sebastian Affidavit Jan 2012 (large file; 54 pages)

Gitxsan Treaty Society: Board Chair: Wii Elaast: Jim Angus Affidavit Jan 2012 (large file: 48 pages)

Gitxsan Treaty Society: Gimlitxwit Coordinator: Barb Huson Affidavit  Jan 2012

Gitxsan Treaty Society: Petition Jan 2012


Spookw Litigation Team Updates


Presentation to the Standing Senate Committee on Aboriginal People's: Chief Councillor Marj McRae and Geri MCDougall, Spookw March 24, 2010



  1. Gitxsan hereditary chiefs News Release December 5, 2011 regarding Enbridge press release
  2. Bill Blackwater, July 19, 2010 "Take a Deep Breath" (145 kb)
  3. Chingee Fee Simple Letter dated July 16, 2010 (32 kb)
  4. Neil Sterritt letter dated October 2, 2008. In response to GTS statement "band councils have never protected the rights and title of the Gitxsan". (121 kb)
  5. Norman Stephens summary (139 kb)

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