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Housing Policy Development - community engagement sessions done! 

In the comprehensive community planning process, better understanding of the housing application and selection process was asked for in the 4 communities that GGC works with. GGC has followed up with this, working in partnership with the 4 communities to host a Housing Forum, for a copy of the final report click here. One of the most well received presentations at the Housing Forum was the BC Hydro Power Smart presentation; learning energy saving tips for your home was well received...click here to view it. The final report of the Housing Forum summarizing members feedbacks, can be found here

A Gitksan Housing Working Group with housing coordinators and Council members on the Working Group. There is a terms of reference for this Working Group. The Housing Working group is focused on an on reserve housing community education initiative, updating housing policies, training on creating an annual housing plan and exploring the establishment of a Gitksan Housing Authority.

Recently the Working Group and band administrations have participated in a CMHC Community Housing Policy workshop and have now formally begun working with the communities to update and develop a core Gitksan housing policy. The housing policy will have four main sections or chapters:

  1. social housing (subsidized housing)
  2. band rent to own and rental homes
  3. privatley owned homes
  4. renovation policy for existing homes.

sample brochure. 


In partnership with UBC Indigenous Planning program, 2 students helped pull together a community education presentation and 4 brochures about on reserving housing. These brochures will be updated once the Gitksan Housing policies are in final format and approved by Councils. A program over of all the on reserve housing program is available, for the draft document click here.  (it's large 3.59 MB)

The first focus on social housing policy has begun with community education sessions being held last March and the first dialogue sessions regarding social or subsidized housing were just completed in mid April. If you are interested in more information - call our Office. Sept 26th will be the first review of the draft social housing policy with CMHC. The Gitksan Housing Working Group will be coming together to review the draft social housing policy. Once the Working Group has reveiwed the document it will be coming back out to community for feedback on Oct 22-23rd. see below for more information. 

Another round of community conversations will take place in September to talk about rent to own and rental homes, privatley owned homes & renovation policy for existing homes. The first consultations/ sessions took place September 9-10 in all 4 Gitksan communities. The next session was completed Nov 12 & 13th, 2013. 

The community engageent sessions have completed and the Gitxsan housing working group has reviewed the final policy work. the GGC Board has reviewed and finalized the policy! Implementation of the policy will be the next focus for the next months. Gitanyow, Gitanmaax, Glen Vowell and Kispiox are now reviewing the final version of accepting the Gitksan Housing Policy. . 

Core Housing Need

From the housing survey and housing analysis report was completed. This report talks about the core housing needs of each community. Core housing identifies suitability (overcrowding and multiple family living), adequate housing (homes that need minimal or major repairs) and afffordability (levels of income of community members). GGC with the bands are following the National Occupancy Standards (or NOS) to identify the levels of overcrowding in each home.

A visual infographic has been completed to illustrate the level of Core Housing need for each community as well. Thank you to Sparc BC for assisting us in putting this visual document together. We will be updating these inforgraphic housing sheets to see how much we have improved since 2011! Hopefully we can get this done this year. 

Please call GGC for more information. 

CMHC RRAP Applications Now Open!

CMHC has sent out the call letter for 2015-2016 RRAP applications.  The due date for submitting applications is approaching and all applications will need to be submitted to your Band Office by 08 May for review.  Each Band is allowed six applications and these will be submitted to CMHC on a first come first serve basis.  The maximum loan amount that CMHC provides is $19,000.00.  If your renovations are expected to be more than this amount, your application will be subject to your Band’s approval process.  For all applications, a Band Council Resolution (BCR) is required to proceed.

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INAC Engagement re Education on Reserve

Let's Talk on-Reserve Education. First Nations children deserve the best start in life which is why the Government of Canada is committeed to working

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Community Safety Planning is Done!

ama sa, the community safety planning project with Public Safety Canada is now done! 

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